ANC tramples on forgotten communities of Barcelona & Transit

By Michele Clarke MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Community Safety:

On a recent oversight visit to the communities of Barcelona and Transit in Ekurhuleni, the DA was informed of the gross political intolerance from ANC activists and the ward councillor whom have threatened the DA for trying to assist the community.

The DA was informed by the elderly in the community who have been complaining about the ward councillor selling RDP houses. The community have tried to take matters into their own hands but the Councillor is allegedly protected by a notorious gang.

The elderly in the community marched to the offices of the SABC to have their plight heard as it has fallen on deaf ears by the ANC and Gauteng cooperative governance MEC, Jacob Mamabolo.

Community members have threated to take their own lives as their situation has become untenable.

MEC Mamabolo was tasked by Premier David Makhura to attend a community meeting with the residents of Barcelona and Transit to address the community’s concerns, however he left without speaking to the community.

The DA has submitted several petitions on behalf of this community for:

  • The provision of basic services including water, sanitation and electricity; and
  • A vote of no confidence in the ward councillor.

We cannot continue to allow the residents of Barcelona and Transit to be held hostage by an ANC ward councillor who is involved and protected by gang members in the community.

Residents have for far too long waited for services to be delivered and when they turn to the DA for assistance, ANC members attack them.

The ANC’s support in Ekurhuleni has steadily declined over past elections and now the ANC is running scared. The DA can and will make a difference in next year’s Local Government Election in Ekurhuleni.