Bring Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity to your neighborhood

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader in the Northern Cape:

The Democratic Alliance welcomed 500 new members Monday night at a public meeting held in Mapoteng, Newtown near Kathu. The new members have largely walked over from the ANC.

The residents in Mapoteng are concerned about the lack of services in the ANC-led Gamagara municipality and they want to see the DA difference where they live.

The municipality wants to relocate the residents to an area without water or electricity, which poses an extreme hazard to the health and safety of all. Gamagara remains an underdeveloped municipality where residents are often denied their basic rights to water, a healthy environment and safety.

Our newest members in Mapoteng have vowed their support for the DA in the upcoming local government election to bring Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity to their neighborhood.

All membership fees have been collected and the new members are part of a proud DA family.

The walk-over bodes well for the DA in the upcoming local government elections.

This is further proof that many South Africans realise the DA is the only alternative for our country.

Provincial leader Andrew Louw with some of the new members