Cape Town International Airport In The Dark

By Lennit Max, MPP, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Transport and Public Works:

I have today written to the Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, to investigate what the cause of the fire at the sub-station was. The DA is very concerned with the lack of maintenance by Eskom in the Western Cape.  Three weeks ago on the 6 October 2015, it was reported in Die Burger that a delay in up-grading the Philippi distribution station could lead to a black out of the entire Cape Flats area,  affecting thousands of people.

Today is a reminder of what postponing necessary maintenance can cause. The economic impact of the power outage in parts of the Cape Town International airport will be quite significant as we also understand that surrounding areas have also been affected by the power outage.

This further reiterates how incompetent the government led parastatal has been in ensuring that all power stations are routinely maintained and hazards are deal with effectively.