Cold-blooded execution of Khulekani Mpanza a disgrace

By Kate Lorimer MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety:

I am sickened by the footage of alleged robber, Khulekani Mpanza, being executed by police.

Mpanza had already been shot and was lying on the pavement.  He was not resisting.

He was then kicked by another policeman and shot dead by the constable who walked away smiling.

There is no excuse for these actions. Police members who believe they are judge, jury and executioner must be harshly dealt with.

The Gauteng Police Commissioner must tell us whether the police members involved have been arrested and charged and if not in jail, why not.

Two weeks have gone by and it is unacceptable that this killer is only “on leave.”

He and his colleagues who made no move to stop him killing Mpanza should be behind bars.

The footage is quite clear and a number of witnesses are shown.  For these criminal police to be walking free after this incident was caught so clearly on camera is a disgrace.

They should have been arrested as soon as the footage came to light.

Their criminal behaviour severely damages the reputation of the SAPS which already suffers from accusations of poor management and a lack of professionalism.

If the SAPS does not make an example of these cops there will be more and more instances of murder by policemen.