DA debates Gauteng 2014/15 Human Settlements Annual Report

The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by the DA’s Fred Nel MPL and Lebo More MPL during a debate on the 2014/15 Annual Report for the Department of Human Settlements.

Speech by
Fred Nel MPL

“Gauteng housing requires radical makeover”

  • The current format of RDP housing contributes towards urban sprawl and increased infrastructure maintenance costs for municipalities.
  • Currently the department is unable to administer, roll out or effectively monitor its purpose and function as provided for in the Constitution and the Housing Act by providing housing for the poor and the establishment, development and maintenance of economically viable communities.
  • Gauteng requires sound policies implemented in a well-managed and responsible manner, address spatial development inequalities as a result of our past, and promotes economic growth that creates jobs.
  • Gauteng’s rapid urbanisation requires the creation of densified communities, private sector incentives and proper social and economic integration.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by

Lebo More MPL

“Non-delivery leaves Gauteng residents destitute”

  • The Department needs to produce the list of beneficiaries of over 50 houses it claims to have built in Sokhulumi. The department’s annual report says that the houses had been built, but when the portfolio committee went there it didn’t see any.
  • The ANC itself admits that: “we promised people in the beginning of the financial year, through annual targets, that we will uplift you – yet we have failed to achieve these promises”.
  • Gauteng’s people need hand-ups and not hand-outs.

The full speech can be obtained here.