DA debates motion on Employment of Community Health Workers

The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by the DA’s Jack Bloom MPL, Dr Neil Campbell MPL and Lebogang More MPL on the Employment of Community Health Workers on permanent/full time basis, motion.

Speech by:

Jack Campbell, MPL

“Proper supervision and training is needed for Community Healthcare Worker’s”

  • The Western Cape Health Department employs some 3500 Community Healthcare Worker’s (CHW’s) through contracts with 90 NGOs.
  • There needs to be proper supervision and training of CHW’s so that they can do their jobs to best effect in the community.
  • It is a scandal that about 70 CHWs based at the Chiawelo clinic in Soweto were hired and then not paid for two and a half months.


Speech by

Lebo More MPL

“Community Health care workers would serve communities better under NGO’s”

  • Community Health Care Workers know the challenges in their neighbourhoods
  • They would be better placed in NGOs than them being placed as another extension of a government wage bill
  • The DA proposes this as a way forward in sincerely supporting community health work as performed by this dedicated men and women.
  • The full speech can be found


Speech by

Dr Neil Campbell, MPL

“Community Health Workers play critical healthcare role”

  • Health care workers provide a vital link between the community and the provincial healthcare structures and crucially, the home based care services they provide encourage communities to take ownership of their health needs
  • Community Healthcare Workers have no real career pathway and seem doomed to be entry level workers indefinitely despite many years of loyal and productive service
  • If we want to increase the footprint of Community Healthcare Workers in our communities, we must prioritize their skills development and their career paths
  • Similarly they need the necessary tools to carry out their work including infection control measures.

The full speech can be found here.