DA Member Statement by Hon. Jacques Smalle

By Jacques Smalle (MPL), DA Provincial Leader:


It is no secret that the ANC utilizes its policy of cadre deployment to reward its comrades, cronies and family members. But this practice of manipulating the system in favour of their supporters has always been explained away with the excuse that the best person got the job.

It becomes clearer when you consider that certain ANC run municipalities (and I have the evidence in my hand!) are asking people their political affiliation on job application forms! There can be NO possible reason for this, except to ensure that ANC comrades get the job!

In Capricorn District Municipality in Limpopo, the Executive Director of Corporate Services, a s56 position reporting directly to the municipal manager, went to the ANC branch treasurer (who also happens to serve on the sub region executive). In terms of ability, the other candidates far outshone the person appointed. The public administration act is being governed by the principles of the Constitution section 195(1)

Hon Speaker that is:

To promote and maintain a high standard of professional ethics;

(b) promote efficient, economic and effective use of resources;

(c) provide such services impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias;

(d) ensure good human resource management and career development practices

(e) ensure broad representation of the South African people, with employment

In essence the ANC cannot stand here in our newly democracy  and advocate that they want to uphold our constitution and the very same principles to adhere to personnel management practices based on ability, objectivity, fairness,

The ANC government is not fair, nor objective when it comes to the appointment of officials.

Where the DA governs, we ensure that the best person, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation is appointed. Good examples include Cape Agulhas and Saldanha Local Municipalities where the DA governs, but well-qualified ANC members have been appointed as the Municipal Manager.

We call on the Minister and MEC of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs  to take all necessary steps to end the unfair practice of using political affiliation as a basis to appoint or reject job applicants immediately!