DA wants Education MEC to solve water crisis at Morwate High School

By Dr Tutu Faleni MPL, DA North West Spokesperson for Education:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West is concerned that the lack of water in Morwate High School in Kgomokgomo Village near Moretele Local Municipality will have an impact on learners – some who are amidst their year-end exams.

During an Education Portfolio visit, the DA learned that the school has been without water for nearly two month. Parents and learners say the problem started at the beginning of the fourth school quarter.

The DA believes that the water crisis will have an impact on education, as most of the learners are preparing for exams and the Gr. 12 learners are in the middle of their final exams.

The province is also experiencing scrutinizing temperatures during the day where a lack water can lead to dehydration.

The inaction of the municipality to address this water crisis is a clear failure to the learners of Morwate High School and violates their human dignity as our Constitution clearly states that everyone has a right to basic water supply and basic sanitation.

The DA commends the School Governing Body and the parents who have intervened by providing water to the learners. This shows the vital role that parents play in their children’s education.

In a province that is ravaged by service delivery protests, where people express their concerns by burning schools and clinics, the DA wishes to applaud the restraint displayed by the parents and learners of Morwate High School in a time where government has clearly failed them.

The DA has written an urgent memorandum to the Education MEC, Wendy Matsemela, requesting her to table an action plan that will ensure that clean and drinkable water is distributed to learners of Morwate High School.

Resources have to be managed to ensure that our children’s future is not compromised.