Ditsobotla: Breeding nest for corruption, bribes and malfunctioning?

By Jacqueline Theologo MPL, DA North West Spokesperson on Local Government and Constituency Head, Ditsobotla:

The Democratic Alliance in Ditsobotla’s is concerned that blatant corruption and incompetence by ANC officials contribute to the decay of this already suffering municipality.

Despite water shortages, serious infrastructure challenges, an Eskom bill that is R121 million in arrears, officials seem to have sufficient time to scheme and use their influence to only satisfy their own needs.

While this community is suffering under their poor management, the Acting Municipal Manager Chief Financial Officer and Speaker are amongst officials who are implicated in soliciting bribes from a contractor who has an agreement to do debt collection for the Ditsobotla Municipality.

Widespread media reports (which can be accessed here) on the alleged corruption cannot be ignored and the Democratic Alliance will demand a full internal investigation on the allegations in the next council meeting.

Although the contractor laid official criminal charges, the Ditsobotla council cannot simply turn a blind eye to such serious allegations as this municipality ranks under the top 20 defaulting municipalities in the country.

The Democratic Alliance will furthermore write a letter to the MEC for Local Government urging him to investigate the matter as well. The DA will put questions before the North West Provincial Legislature to ensure that this matter is not simply being covered up to protect ANC cadres again.

The North West is continuously making headlines for all the wrong reasons and the DA believes in order to have an open, fair and free society government officials should serve the people of the province and not their own greedy needs.

Efficient public administration and sound governance are critical enablers for creating an Open Opportunity Society. Too many of our institutions are abused by the governing party that are more focussed on serving their own interest than serving South Africa.

Where we govern, our service delivery records and governance outcomes show we are committed to spend public money in the interest of the people.