Health hazard kicks up a stink in Buffalo City

By Cllr Patricia Williams, Buffalo City Municipality Caucus:

The Democratic Alliance is extremely concerned by the on-going sewerage problem in the suburbs of Pefferville and Braelyn, where a local stream has been polluted by raw sewerage.

I have written to the Chairperson of the Infrastructure Planning and Services Portfolio Committee in Buffalo City to urgently deal with this matter as it is negatively affecting the people in these areas.

The situation has gotten progressively worse due to a lack of maintenance on the sewerage pipes. The municipality claims that the problem has been resolved but the stream tells a completely different story.

Local residents have complained to the DA about the stink and filth caused by the sewerage. On windy days, residents say that the smell becomes so unbearable that they leave their homes and return once the wind has died down.  Pefferville Primary School lies on the bank of this stream and parents believe their children are getting sick due to this.

These communities are forced to live in a polluted environment which not only poses a health risk to them and their children, but also threatens the safety of the communities fresh water resources.

The people of Pefferville and Braelyn deserve to be treated fairly by having the opportunity to live in a clean and healthy community free from waste contamination and air pollution.

Photos and Captions

Photo 1 – Cllr Patricia Williams surveys the sewerage spilling into the stream.

Photo 2 – Raw sewerage spilling into the stream.

Photo 3 – PR Cllr Dillon Webb at the contaminated stream