Is the ANC using traditional leaders as part of its electioneering strategy?

By James Masango MPL, DA Spokesperson on Cogta:

The Democratic Alliance is concerned that our respected traditional leaders in Mpumalanga are being bribed with cars and cattle to secure their votes for the ANC in next year’s local government elections.

The DA views this as part of the ANC’s 2016 local government electioneering.

In a predominantly rural province like Mpumalanga‚ kings and chiefs wield considerable power. By giving them cattle, they are then expected to remain the bedrock of ANC support in next year’s local government elections, bringing their communities’ support with them.

Just last week, some traditional leaders were presented with new vehicles in a ceremony. Provision is made for the acquiring of vehicles, but the type of fleet that was handed over is questionable.

These developments are very worrying as they are paving a way for more corruption and looting of state resources by the ANC government using traditional leaders for ANC purposes. The ANC is desperate to win next year’s local government elections at all costs.

The DA will never allow our respected traditional leaders to be used to woo their poor communities, by simply buying cars and handing out cattle while failing to provide our rural people with basic services.

The ANC is using unscrupulous tactics before Election 2016, and the ANC is using respected traditional leaders against the will of the people. This is disgusting and distasteful.

The DA agrees that traditional leaders must be assisted with necessary tools of trade that will enable them to lead their communities, but the ANC must be careful to not use and abuse traditional leaders.