Johannesburg must cancel smart electricity meter contract

By Cllr Vasco da Gama, DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader:

The City of Johannesburg must cancel the R1,2 billion smart electricity meters deal with the Edison Power Consortium as a matter of urgency before the entire city’s billing system crashes.

Smart meters installed by Edison do not carry the necessary SABS and NERSA approval, a fact which has become evident by people being saddled with electricity bills of over R100 000.

Click here to view one such account.

Since 2013 it has been widely reported that the tender to supply the meters was manipulated to benefit Edison’s bid over that of rival bidders.

The tender was awarded to Edison a few weeks after its Chairman, Vivian Reddy paid R450 000 for a seat at President Jacob Zuma’s table during an ANC fundraising dinner.

I was at this same dinner that the president said that things would go well with businesses that support the ANC.

The people will always suffer when the president and his cronies put the ANC before all else, and this situation is no different.

The city refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing with the contract, refuses to acknowledge that there problems with the meters, and officials are making very little or no effort to sort out people’s billing problems.

The people have to carry the burden of the ANC’s greed, and the DA firmly believes that the ANC will punished at the polls next year.

It is a well-known fact that local municipalities with the DA at the helm are better able to deliver services and create better living conditions. In DA-led municipalities contractors are appointed based on their skills and knowledge, and not on the basis of political connections.

For the past five years the DA has been working tirelessly to take over the reins in Johannesburg.

And our time is coming. Since last year we have redoubled our efforts to reach voters in their homes, showing them the DA difference and how life is better where we govern.

We love this city.

Change is coming to Johannesburg, because people know, that where the DA governs, life is better.