Letter to the Editor – Something is rotten in the province’s supply chain process

By Ann McDonnell, MPL, DAKZN Spokesperson on Conservation:

Something is definitely rotten in the state of the Province’s supply chain management process.

That an individual, without an Aviation Operating Certificate (AOC) was awarded a contract to run KZN’s rhino anti-poaching air wing would be farcical were it not so serious.

The successful bidder is a former hospital CFO in KZN’s Health department who now runs security contracts for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

In spite of having no experience, he was allegedly asked to quote along with nine other businesses for a two month extension of the air wing contract.

That the system allows a bidder without any experience to win a contract and then try to outsource aircraft, pilots, AOC and the requisite insurance is astounding.

It is almost a relief that he was not able to persuade other contractors to do the work.

If government is serious about growing the economy, the practise of giving tenders to people who immediately sub contract for a profit must be stopped.

Not only is it corrupt, it favours connected individuals and is expensive for both government and taxpayers.