Mayor Jordaan rejects pleas for solutions to bucket toilet crisis

By Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay:

Relevant correspondance with the Mayor can be found here.

In a show of total disrespect for our peoples’ dignity, Mayor Jordaan has refused to deal with community pleas to eradicate bucket toilets.

Just as the municipality ducked and dived the South African Human Rights Commission’s investigation into the prolific existence of bucket toilets, so too has the Mayor hidden behind his staff members when faced with tough questions.

This uncaring ANC government in Nelson Mandela Bay is keeping our people in undignified conditions and refuses to eradicate bucket toilets when begged for action.

With approximately 30 000 bucket toilets still in use in the Bay, it is outrageous that Mayor Jordaan has now put in writing his refusal to answer serious questions about the bucket toilet crisis.

This is clearly because the Mayor has no answers to the problem of bucket toilets which is simply bigger than him. Jordaan only pops up when there is something expensive and flashy to unveil, and then disappears again and refuses to act on the most important matters.

Residents of Walmer Township and various other areas have sadly been using a growing number of bucket toilets for decades, with countless failed promises from this ANC government to resolve the crisis. Mayor Jordaan is the latest in a string of ANC Mayors refusing to deal with basic service delivery failures.

With no answers or action from Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane and a Mayor who runs away from questions and requests, it is clear that both National and Local government aren’t interested in solving NMB’s sanitation crisis.

This ANC government has abandoned the hundreds of thousands of people in NMB still using bucket toilets – and now it refuses to act.

The South African Human Rights Commission is set to release its findings this month after the DA asked for an investigation into bucket toilets in Walmer Township which will show up Jordaan’s failures.

The DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay at next year’s elections so that our peoples’ dignity can be restored, and that the most undignified sanitation can be eradicated, rather than ignored like Danny Jordaan is doing.