Mayor Jordaan uses municipal resources for political gain

By Retief Odendaal, DA Caucus Leader: Nelson Mandela Bay:

Mayor Jordaan’s attendance at an ANC event in Kensington last night, where he was introduced as “The Mayor”, is an abuse of municipal resources and public funds, for political gain.

Mayor Jordaan attended the ANC event, which did not aim to serve the people of NMB, with a full complement of bodyguards on overtime, in two Mayoral vehicles.

Mayor Jordaan has followed in President Zuma’s footsteps by putting the ANC first at the expense of the needs of everyday South Africans here in Nelson Mandela Bay, by spending public money and using state resources on political events.

NMB needs a Mayor who respects the importance of spending public money on basic service delivery. As we have seen with the proposal to increase the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker and Chief Whip’s staff complement by over 40 people, and now with the use of public funds and municipal resources at political events, it is clear that Mayor Jordaan has abandoned his duty to serve the people of NMB.

The DA will continue to hold the Mayor to account in respect of the use of public funds, and will ensure that the abuse of municipal resources doesn’t go unchallenged.