MEC Kholwane’s departments are practising “Selective Disclosure”

By Bosman Grobler MPL, DA spokesperson on Finance:

The Mpumalanga Department of Finance’s denial that an amount of R315 000 was paid to MEC Eric Kholwane for the 2014/15 financial year, simply isn’t supported by the departments own records. With Kholwane’s annual salary of R1.771 million plus R315 000 which is a total of R 2.086 million in remuneration for the MEC, sets him as the highest earner in the Mpumalanga executive.

The denial by the Department comes after the DA exposed the MEC’s non-compliance with President Jacob Zuma’s salary proclamation for the upper limit of salaries and allowances for Premiers, MECs and MPLs.

The Finance department has alleged that the R315 000 disclosed in the 2014/15 Appropriation Statement was the salary for the former MEC of Finance Madala Masuku.

If this is truly the case, then why was the salary of the former MEC of Economic Development and Tourism Pinky Phosa not also disclosed in the 2014/15 Appropriation Statement for the Department of Economic Development?

The omission of the salary of the former Economic Development MEC from the Appropriation Statement raises further red flags. MEC Kholwane’s departments are practicing “Selective Disclosure” with their financials. If they haven’t disclosed the former MEC’s salary, what other expenses have they failed to disclose?

This is a clear indication that there are some dodgy accounting practices occurring in Kholwane’s departments.

The DA still maintains its views that MEC Kholwane violated the Presidential proclamation, and we shall await a response from the Auditor General, so as to get some credible clarity.