MEC must give costs for ‘5 star’ committee meeting plus accommodation

By Francois Rodgers, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Finance:

THE DA will today submit a written parliamentary question to KZN Finance MEC, Belinda Scott, questioning the cost of a portfolio committee meeting and accommodation for MPL’s and staff at a five star hotel in Durban.

The move is in direct contradiction of austerity measures imposed by KZN’s Treasury.

Committee members and staff were given short notice to attend an 8am meeting at the hotel this morning which ended up taking all of thirty minutes.

The irony of the date and time of the meeting is that the ANC in KZN had a planned caucus for 9am, also in Durban.

The DA notes this coincidence with concern.

Recent uttering’s by President Zuma are hardly cold when the KZN Legislature, by its actions, indicates that it too puts the ANC ahead of the people of our province.

To date, KZN’s Finance portfolio committee has only ever met at the legislature precinct and has led the way in implementing austerity measures in the province.

Today, the ANC in KZN set a dangerous precedent.

It chose party over province.

One can only hope this will not become the norm with the election of a new KZN ANC provincial leadership.

As public servants, province and country and the interests of our people must always be placed first and party interests second.

The DA has shown this in the Western Cape where we govern.

Should the ANC in KZN ignore this, the people of our province will be heard at the ballot box in 2016.