MEC Rockman pays lip service to fight against corruption at launch of Antifraud Awareness Week

By David van Vuuren, DA Chief Whip in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

Finance MEC Elzabe Rockman yesterday, at the launch of the International Antifraud Awareness Week, once again paid lip service to the Free State Provincial Government’s commitment to eradicate fraud and corruption.

It is quite comical that MEC Rockman could state without shame that over the last financial year 161 government employees were found guilty of misconduct after about 299 reported cases, but that only 29 were dismissed from their positions while 63 received final written warnings and 25 received fines.

It remains unclear what action MEC Rockman has instituted against the remainder 44 government employees who were found guilty of misconduct.

I will submit written questions to MEC Rockman asking for the names, positions, the charges brought against and the sanctions of each government employee found guilty of misconduct.

If the Free State Provincial Government were really committed to eradicate fraud and corruption within their ranks, Premier Magashule would have dismissed Health MEC Benny Malakoane and Arts and Culture MEC Mathabo Leeto who are both before court defending numerous fraud and corruption charges stemming from their symbiotic relationship during their Matjhabeng deployment days.

MEC Rockman herself, as well as Premier Ace Magashule, are both embroiled in the irregular and illegal Letlaka Communications scandal that continues to cost this province millions annually at the expense of the people. All the while they both continue to deny any wrong doing at every turn despite the fact that two successive national finance ministers have found the entire arrangement to be illegal.

While the DA commends any positive action to eradicate fraud and corruption within government, any attempt to do so that excludes political accountability remains a farce. In the fight against corruption there remains bigger fish to fry.