Premier Zille has 62% approval rate while Pres Zuma’s rating drops by 28%

By Ricardo Mackenzie MPP, Western Cape Spokesperson on Premier:

Afrobarometer South Africa released data on South Africa’s leadership and government performance today, which revealed that 62% of residents living in the Western Cape approve of Premier Helen Zille. KwaZulu Natal and the Free State followed with 60% and 55% approval rates respectively.

Premiers receive the highest level of public approval out of all the elected leaders in South Africa, according to Afrobarometer analysts. Approval ratings for the nine premiers have remained constant, dropping off by only 1% since 2011 to 53% in 2015.

President Jacob Zuma’s approval rating has taken a 28% dip, dropping from 64% in 2011 to 36% in 2015. The majority of South Africans believe that President Zuma is ignoring Parliament and the law, according to the study. The study also found that 78% of South Africans support limitations on presidential power. Further findings indicated that Jacob Zuma must account to parliament about the spending of public money and that parliament must make the laws – not the president.

Accountability among elected leaders has typically worsened in South Africa. However, it is refreshing to see that the DA-led Western Cape Government is recognised as for its performance and commitment to clean and effective governance. These findings reinforce that the Western Cape has the best elected leader in South Africa.