SAPS must work WITH community to fight crime

By Pule Thole MPL, DA Northern Cape Provincial Spokesperson of Transport, Safety & Liaison:

The DA will write to MEC of Transport, Safety and Liaison, Martha Bartlett, requesting that government works hand in hand with communities and not against them to fight the crime scourge in the Northern Cape. This comes against the backdrop that Galeshewe’s crime-fighting organisation, Wanya Tsotsi, has allegedly been told by the SAPS to disband.

People are tired of crime. They want to live in a safe environment and be able to bring their children up in a safe environment. They have every right to do this and they have every right to get involved in fighting crime.

In this regard, the DA is dismayed to learn that SAPS appears reluctant to work with community run crime fighting organizations, like Wanya Tsotsi.

Crime is out of control. SAPS have been soldiering on in the fight against crime for years, and we appreciate their efforts, but they are not adequately resourced to stem the tide of crime on their own. The daily reports of theft, robbery, rape and murder in the Northern Cape are testament to this.

If SAPS really wants to bring down the crime rate, then they have to start doing things differently.

A whole-of-society approach towards crime fighting must be adopted.

In this regard, the Department of Safety needs to harness the passion of community crime fighting organizations, like Wanya Tsotsi, who are volunteering of their own time and resources to fight crime.

The department urgently needs to review its current crime fighting structures, such as Community Policing Forums (CPF’s) and its Community Safety Networks, to see how best it can incorporate crime fighting organisations into its crime prevention initiatives.

The festive season is upon us and we know that this means a rise in crime. Now, more than ever, we need all crime fighters to band together in a law-abiding manner to protect the people of the Northern Cape and their possessions.