The DA Western Cape Government is the real good story that needs to be told

By David van Vuuren, DA Chief Whip in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

The below member statement was delivered by David van Vuuren (MPL) during a sitting of the Free State Provincial Legislature on 26 November 2015.

Honourable Speaker,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the DA-led Western Cape Provincial Government is by far the best government and Premier Helen Zille the best premier in South Africa.

It is not just I who says this, we have all known this truth for many years now, but this fact is corroborated by the Auditor-General, Kimi Makwetu, and the latest Afrobarometer report on elected leaders’ performance.

The DA-led Western Cape government continues to excel in sound financial management of the public purse, constantly improving on its audit outcomes and at the same time improving service delivery. It obtained 20 completely clean audits while the Free State managed only 6. Irregular expenditure in the Western Cape declined by 52% totaling a mere R79 million. In the Free State, irregular expenditure totals R1,5 billion. Shocking.

The Western Cape serves a population of 6,2 million, while the Free State serves only 2,8 million. The DA government spends only 50% of its budget on salaries, while the Free State clocks in at 60%. On capital expenditure, the DA government spent 10% of its budget improving the lives of people, in the Free State, the ANC government spends only 7%.

The DA’s great story continues. Official unemployment in the Western Cape is at 20.6% while in the Free State it is 31.5%. According to the expanded definition of unemployment the Western Cape is the lowest at 23.1% while in the Free State, under the disastrous ANC government, the figure is 37.7%.

But here is the final proof of the DA government’s excellent track record. Afrobarometer indicated that 62% of people in the Western Cape strongly approve of Helen Zille’s leadership. Here in the Free State only 55% approved of Ace Magashule’s premiership.

These are undisputed facts of the DA’s performance in government. Each year the DA becomes better and better at government. The people of the Free State should take note, the DA delivers, and the DA can bring this good government to them. They have an opportunity next year to do just that.