The Heart and Soul of the ANC are up for Sale !!!

Op-Ed by Mergan K Chetty MP, KZN Deputy Leader:

The acquisition of the KZN Provincial Leadership, by the  ‘Premier League’ headed by the three most influential ANC chairpersons and Premiers of their respective Provinces, Ace Magashule ( Free State ), Supra Mahumapelo ( North West ) and David Mabuza ( Mpumalanga ),  exposed the reality for South Africans to see; viz., that at the right price, the ANC could be easily bought!

The ‘Premier League’ has secured both the leadership of the ANC Women’s League and the ANC Youth League at their respective elective conferences. With the recent acquisition of the newly elected KZN leadership, witnessing the former Provincial Secretary, Sihle Zikalala’s slate defeating the now lame duck KZN Premier, Senzo Mchunu and his supporters, are in pole position to dictate who all will lead the ANC in 2017. Securing the KZN leadership contest, comprising the most number of delegates, per province, has bolstered the ‘Premier Leagues’ chances of victory.

The whispers in the KZN legislature corridors is that the Thabo Mbeki saga is going to soon play itself out and a repetition of the purging is going to replicate itself.  MECs, Mayors, Speakers and Municipal Managers, that were not supportive of the ZikaZuma camp, are having sleepless nights. The tragedy is that whilst we witness the ANC at war with itself, it is both service delivery and the citizens of our beloved country that will ultimately pay the price.

We witnessed the recent students march to Parliament demanding that #FeesMustFall, many scenes reminiscent of the youth that rose to challenge the apartheid government on June 16. We also witnessed Parliament staff members, clad in ANC regalia locking down Parliament in protest, demanding better working conditions and a living wage. Amidst these protests, the Presidency has the audacity to request a new plane for the President at an estimated cost of R 4 billion. Further proof that this ANC led government is not only at odds with the citizens of SA, but notably, it’s very own supporters!

21 years into our new democracy, the ANC’s promises of free education ( #FeesMustFall ), free housing ( Nkandla ) or jobs ( tenderpreneurs ), has eluded the plight of our people in favour of enriching comrades.

The President’s utterances, questions, not only his allegiance to SA, but his commitment and sincerity to the oath that he had taken upon been sworn into office.

The conflict between the SACP and the ANC comrades is proving to be the straw that’s going to break the camel’s back. During the #FeesMustFall campaign, SACP general secretary and Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, was a solitary figure.  He was instrumental in defeating former Presidents, Mbeki and Motlanthe during their campaigns to contest Zuma for the Presidency. His cries of “It is cold out there’ is surely coming back to haunt him now that he cuts a solitary figure in the encounter for control!

It is imperious, for every South African, to ensure that, in the interest of our beloved land, we collectively halt the corrupt and power infested ANC, which is only interested in those cadres that are closely aligned to the President, or the ‘Premier League’,

For our country to prosper, and be the beacon of hope, that Tata Madiba had envisioned us to be on the African continent, and the global village, we have to take the challenge to the ANC, sooner than later.

The march to the Union Buildings by the disillusioned, is the beginning of a nation uniting against corruption, cadre deployment and tenderpreneurs. We call upon our fellow South Africans to join us to secure the future of our country, before the infighting for the Heart and Soul of the ANC, not only destroys the ANC, but South Africa.