WC Department of Treasury receives its 6th clean audit

By Denis Joseph MPP, Chairperson of the Standing Committee of Finance in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament:

The Standing Committee on Finance in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament has considered the annual performance of Treasury today. While the department continues to support municipalities and the other departments in the Western Cape, treasury has received its 6th clean audit.

This is why the people of the Western Cape have confidence in the Western Cape Government. The department is committed to good governance and tangible service delivery. As such, competency and capacity are of utmost importance.

The Department depends on professional staff which is considered a scarce skill, this leads to staff turnover and vacancy rates which is of concern. I will request that the Minister of Finance in the Western Cape, DR. Ivan Meyer, to supply the Standing Committee of Finance with a detailed turn-around strategy on these vacancy rates.

The Municipal Economic Review Outlook (MERO) as well as the Provincial Economic Outlook (PERO), which were tabled in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament recently, serve to support efficient municipal and provincial delivery in the Western Cape.

While MERO and PERO provide important frameworks for the effective use of public money, it must go along with a competent staff. The challenge that the department faces is that the staff turnover is too rapid.

The department, along with the South African Association of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), is to establish a training office for public sector chartered accountants. Through this program the department will empower 5 to 10 trainee Chartered Accounts, who assist other provincial departments in producing and interpreting financial statements.