Why the festivities to welcome back Premier Mabuza?

By James Masango MPL, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

Why all the fuss and festivities in welcoming back Premier David Mabuza to his job?.

Premier Mabuza who is expected to resume his duties today, has been out of action for more than two months, after he had been on sick leave.

Mabuza’s leadership has been marred with large scale corruption, and the DA believes that nothing will improve under his reign.

Mpumalanga is one of the poorest regions with one of the worst records in service delivery, and our health care facilities continue to deteriorate. Some poor rural community are still without electricity, water, roads and employment remains high.

This should be the focus of the Premier, and not using taxpayers money to bus people to the legislature from various parts of the province, just to welcome him back in office.

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This action by the ANC is scandalous and outrages. Premier Mabuza has once again proven that he can use his power to influence anything that would benefit him. As long as he’s in that position no one will oppose him, as he is a feared man.

The Premier is desperate to tighten the grip of power and influence he has over his comrades in Mpumalanga.

The DA will ask the Premier questions regarding the funds used to bus ANC members to Nelspruit to welcome him back from sick leave.

The DA wishes Premier Mabuza good health, and the provincial leader plans to pay him a courtesy visit soon.