DA scores Supra a failing “F” in Cabinet Report Card

By Joe McGluwa (MPL), DA North West Leader:

The Democratic Alliance in North West is concerned with the performance of the Premier and his MEC’s after their year-end assessment result reveals great gaps for improvements in serving the people of the province.

A summary of their performance conducted by the DA indicates:

  • Premier Supra Mahumapelo: Besides indicated in shady business deals and being responsible for millions of irregular expenditures under his management, communities took to the streets burning schools and clinics to show their dismay with the NWPG. We score him an F. See our full score card here:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8628xENpk6SbWIyZkt4WGk2OUk&usp=sharing
  • Susan Dantjie Speaker of the NWPG gets a B for performance in 2015. The Speaker has a 74% attendance rate. The Speaker seems impartial. She is very lenient towards the members of the ANC, compared to those of the opposition. When rebuking members of the ANC as well as the opposition one can easily sense a difference of tone in her address.
  • Wendy Nelson also receives a B as MEC for Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development. She has a 91.3% attendance rate and she was an active participant during sittings. Her Department received an unqualified audit without findings.
  • Collen Maine, former MEC for Local Government and Human Settlements scores an F-. Hopefully he will be more successful in playing ANC politics than when he was a MEC who were controversial and ineffective to say the least.
  • Magome Masike, MEC for Health scores an F- and it would be pleasure to see him get as exciting about his portfolio and the people of North West as he gets by buying expensive cars. .  The purchase of his luxury car costing R920 000 has caused a stir in the Province.  This vehicle was reportedly paid for with funds originally awarded to purchase medical vehicles and equipment.
  • Wendy Matsemela the MEC for Education scores an F. Her department was put under administration and the poor delivery of education in the province is worrying. Her department is in the spot light for all the wrong reasons.
  • MEC Maketsi Thlape from Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development is reportedly very close to Premier Supra and allegedly more effective to assist and empower those who are ANC connected than to come up with ideas to develop and grow our rural areas. She scores an F-
  • MEC Madodo Sambatha responsible for Public Works and Roads lack of experience has left this department in shambles. The result of his governance is evident in the state of our infrastructure in NW. He scores an F- and we think it is time he should be fired.
  • Gaoage Molapisi MEC for Safety and Security scores an F- . This is the man in the forefront of the controversial High Frequency Bus Service in Mafikeng. He continues to push for the introduction of this service in total disregard of extensive consultation. Because of his antics, taxi association and other stakeholders brought Mafikeng to a standstill in total rejection of this Service.  He has also turned a blind eye to the mismanagement and the looting of assets and other resources at the North West Transport Investment Group.
  • Fenny Gaolaolwe is the MEC for Social Development better known as the North West’s Mrs. Hamper, has climbed the ranks of the ANC under a cloud of controversy.  She is a clinical example that cadre deployment is not the answer to an effective government.  While remaining as MEC in this position her department has underspent a shocking R35.7-million. Although the Premier stated that he merely executed the ANC’s decision by appointing her, we believe that Chauke would have been a better decision. She scores an E.
  • MEC Tebogo Modise is the MEC for Art, Culture and Traditional affairs scores an E. Modise is not new to this Legislature.  However, she has been shifted around from department to department.  She became a victim and has previously been sacked from Thandi Modise’s cabinet in 2012. Our Libraries should form a critical part in society.  Modise has found herself in an embarrassing moment where R400 000 was rolled over to the next financial year for the construction of Maquassi Hills Library.  Due to the legacy in the department, libraries are in a pathetic state.
  • MEC Desbo Mohono scores a D for her performance on Tourism. The biggest challenge for Mohono is to keep her department accountable for the failure to spend their entire budget.  Irrespective of the task team they appointed, they still faced communication issues with the department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development.  The MEC must address this lack of communication.  A total of R46 million in unspent funds is set to be returned to National Treasury, which will have a negative impact on tourism – one of the pillars of the Provincial economy.

The DA will continue to keep the Premier and his team accountable. They are in service of the people of the province. Our suffering communities can no longer suffer under the hands of under-achievers and therefore the DA will use all legislation and procedures to call them to account. Where the DA govern MEC’s are held to high standards to ensure a well-managed public service with excellent basic services, as prescribed in the Constitution.