MEC Kgetjepe keeping schools unsecured; thieves stealing school food

By Jacques Smalle (MPL), DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education:

The DA has written to the MEC for Education, Ishmael Kgetjepe, to urgently upgrade security measures at vulnerable schools targeted by thieves and vandals.

According to  media reports, Kubela high school in Marble Hall has been burgled of bulk food supply 13 times since April 2014.

These burglaries could have been prevented if specified secure storage for food delivered by the National School Nutrition Programme were in place and if norms and standards were paid in full and on time.

The DA has been calling on the MEC to ensure better security at schools for the past two years but the calls fell on deaf ears.

The DA believes that this is not an isolated incident and that unguarded schools in our province are regularly being looted and vandalised at the expense of our learners and a quality education.

Where the DA governs, vulnerable schools have been provided with safety officers, trained by the Cape Town Metro Police, who protect school campuses all the time and we urge MEC Kgetjepe to follow suit.

The DA will ask parliamentary questions on the prescribed perimeter security and school safety measures as required by the Norms and Standards on School Infrastructure to establish how many schools in Limpopo are fenced, have security guards, alarm systems and burglar proofing.