Parks Tau must break deadlock between Pikitup and SAMWU

By Cllr Vasco da Gama, DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader:

Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau must show leadership and take control of the crisis between Pikitup and illegally striking workers affiliated with the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU).

While talks between Pikitup and striking workers have reached what appears to be a dead end, it is becoming increasingly clear that the city’s contingency rubbish removal plans are ineffective.

Reports are reaching the DA that independent contractors brought in to deliver services while workers strike, are being shot at and wounded, pulled from vehicles and assaulted and having their vehicles damaged.

While it is unclear who the perpetrators are, the fact remains that residents are being placed at risk by lawless strikers that the City refuses to bring under control.

Rubbish is piling up at collection points across the metro while virtually every rubbish bin across the Joburg CBD has been upended.

As long as an entire city’s rubbish remains uncollected, the associated health risks increase and will become a burden on the city and its economy as people become ill and invasive pests flourish.

Mayor Tau must now stop seeking publicity by donning an overall for ten minutes to pick up some rubbish, and use every means to his disposal to break the deadlock between Pikitup and SAMWU.

This crisis demands Mayor Tau to step up, bring parties to the negotiating table, and resolve the sticking points.

An ineffective Mayor is the worst burden on our city in this time of crisis.