Police and ambulance fail to respond to Cleveland assault

By Jack Bloom MPL,┬áDA Gauteng Constituency Head – Joburg East:

I am very concerned that Johannesburg emergency ambulances and the Cleveland police did not respond to the assault and robbery of security guards at the Jumpers informal settlement in Cleveland in east Johannesburg.

Three guards from VPS Security were attacked at about 4am on Sunday morning (6 December). They were there to guard equipment being used to build shacks in the wake of a devastating fire.

Two of them were hit on the head with guns, and a generator and cellphones were stolen.

When emergency services was called they said they could not come as they were changing shift.

The Cleveland police were also called but did not come even though they are very near the informal settlement.

We need answers for this shocking poor service by both the emergency ambulance service and the police.

I will seek accountability in this matter together with the DA Ward Councillor Mike Spadino.