Premier Makhura discovers the true state of Gauteng

By Mike Moriarty MPL, DA Chief Whip in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature:

In his political report for 2015 Gauteng Premier David Makhura made repeated references to the DA-led Western Cape provincial government, and has accepted the challenge to be the ANC’s flagship province to compete with the DA.

Competition is indeed a good thing. But success is another.

For the first time in many years Gauteng’s people heard a premier being disarmingly frank about the things that affect almost every citizen of the province, such as crime, corruption, unemployment and many aspects of service delivery.

And while he spoke about the government’s plans to deal with the many challenges, and while some of these plans are be recipes for success, it is the implementation that has been their undoing.

  • The so-called fights against corruption that sees only 3% of all government officials investigated for financial misconduct criminally charged;
  • Government’s initiatives to grow advanced manufacturing are non-existent;
  • The provincial infrastructure development budget has been reduced in real terms, with less projects on the cards and this is easier to achieve; and
  • No physical evidence can be found by DA or Gauteng Provincial Legislature research staff of economic development hubs the premier or government always refers to, despite repeated requests for their location and to visit them.

In fact, there is very little to show for much of what the premier claims, and he should ask the people of Gauteng how they feel about their quality of life.

He should ask the jobless, the parents who are battling to find decent education for their children, the people who struggle to get quality health care, the thousands upon thousands of victims of crime, the homeless – and motorists and commuters trying to find an affordable way to get to and from work.

This is the true state of Gauteng, and while the premier’s words are pretty good, the reality is otherwise.