Remembering Mandela and his vision for South Africa

By Athol Trollip, DA Mayoral Candidate: Nelson Mandela Bay:

Two years ago we lost a man who spent his life fighting for a non-racial South Africa, founded on the values of fairness and real freedom.

Today, on the 2nd anniversary of Tata Madiba’s death, we remember a statesman who guided South Africa through a maze of reconciliation and into a young, vibrant democracy.

As we reflect on Madiba’s legacy and his vision for South Africa, we must discern whether we are still on the same path that we were 20 years ago.

We are undoubtedly better off than we were pre-1994. In 2015, we bear witness to rampant corruption and poor service delivery, so we need to be asking tough questions of the incumbent government. South Africa is not yet the country we know it can be.

So as we reflect on another year’s passing, let’s recommit to the values that Tata Madiba fought so hard for.

Nelson Mandela Bay needs to start living up to its name after too many years of bad governance. So let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and recommit to building a Metro that delivers better services, creates jobs and stops corruption dead its tracks.

I will continue playing my part in ensuring that Madiba’s legacy lives on, 2 years after the father of our nation passed on.