SAPS clampdown on corrupt cops welcomed

By Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety:

I welcome the clampdown on corruption and criminality within the South African Police Service’s (SAPS’) ranks following the arrest of a Pinelands police officer who allegedly tampered with blood samples from drunk driving suspects.

This serves as an important warning to both police members and the public that there is no place for corruption, bribery or dodging responsibility for one’s actions this festive season.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and as much as I encourage members of the public to report any officer they suspect of corruption or wrongdoing, I also support our police and law enforcement officers for their zero tolerance and dedication to help keep everyone in the province safe this festive season.

The Western Cape Government, through its oversight mandate, will support any actions taken by the SAPS management which will see corrupt and criminal cops face the full might of the law they happily choose to ignore.

We cannot allow a couple of bad apples to tarnish the good reputation of the SAPS and breakdown the public trust or relationship between the police and communities.

I urge all to remain vigilant this festive season, to prioritise your own safety, to report any and all criminality and to support all law enforcement agencies working non-stop to help keep everyone safe.