Staff and patients suffering under ‘sauna-like’ conditions at Stanger Hospital

By Dr Imran Keeka, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Health:

THE DA has been reliably informed that doctors and nurses at Stanger Hospital are working under “sauna-like” conditions with patients “languishing in sweltering conditions” as a result of ongoing problems with air-conditioning.

Meanwhile top management are allegedly “chilling in their offices and not interested in the rest”.

The information comes via an impeccable professional source working within the hospital who has alleged that the Nursery, PRU and Casualty are also very hot with temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius.

According to our source the aircon units in the OPD and Pharmacy and theatre only recently received some attention after the latter was shockingly closed for two weeks.  Prior to then only emergency operations were performed due to the harsh conditions.

To add to this, there is currently no medical oxygen in the wall units, forcing the use of cylinders.  This has reached such a state that patients requiring life support have to be manually ventilated until alternate arrangements are made and patients transferred.

The situation at Stanger hospital has only been brought to the DA’s attention now.  However, hospital management has allegedly been aware of the problems for several months yet has failed to intervene.

This is not the first time this hospital has landed itself in hot water.

Last year KZN Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo had to make several interventions.  Yet the same people remain at the helm, perpetuating the same mismanagement and still publically defending their stance.

The current conditions at Stanger Hospital are unacceptable. The people of KZN deserve better than this but change can only be achieved through the ballot box.

The DA has previously called on the MEC to place this hospital under administration to no effect.  We now request that he urgently reconsider our call. This hospital requires serious intervention.