Blind education MEC must resign

By Edmund van Vuuren (MPL), Shadow MEC for Education:

The Eastern Cape MEC for Education must resign and spare the province from another year of self-denial and failure.  MEC Mandla Makapula continues to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings in his department.

The matric pass rate for 2015 has dropped below the 60 % mark for the first time in four years, to 56.8 % despite the MEC’s prediction of a 75 % pass rate.

I am bitterly disappointed with these results.  They are much worse than I expected.  Education is the ticket out of the poverty cycle, but the dreams and hopes for opportunities for our learners are being destroyed by a dysfunctional department.    It is time for drastic political intervention.

It’s time for fresh political leadership at the helm of this department.

Amidst the negativity and trying circumstances, I want to congratulate those learners who successfully completed their matric.  To those who did not make it, I encourage you to continue trying.

The department and the MEC must start admitting to their failures within a toxic environment of lack of political leadership, unions and a corrupt bureaucracy.  MEC, if you have done everything that you can and if you can honestly say that you are happy with the quality of the education given to the Class of 2015, I would be the first to ask you not to resign