DA calls for the reopening of Pica Pau School in Pomfret

By Dr Tutu Faleni (MPL), DA North West Education Spokesperson:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West is shocked to learn of the abrupt closing of Pica Pau School in Pomfret. The Department of Education unilaterally closed down the school without consultation or notice.

Pica Pau is the only school in Pomfret that provides education to hundreds of school children and such an abrupt decision will impact negatively on their future and education.

Education is a constitutional and basic human right, the best possible vehicle to empower an individual as well as the community.

Before the closure of a school the MEC of Education is required by law to provide the School Governing Body (SGB) with a notice of intention to close the school and the reasons there of.

The MEC needs to grant the SGB an opportunity to make presentations in relation to the closure. Upon reasonable notice the MEC also needs to hold public hearings for the community to make their presentations.

The MEC will then have to carefully consider all presentations and make her findings.

The MEC for Education Ms Wendy Matsemela failed to follow proper consultation processes as required by law. The DA believes that Ms Matsemela did not follow due process and her decision to close down the school will have dire consequences on Pomfret; a community which has long been on the receiving end of poor service delivery.

The DA sees the closure of Pica Pau as illegal and robbing the children of Pomfret of their Constitutional right to education.

The DA appeals to the MEC for Education to immediately reopen the school and engage with the community in an open and transparent manner.