DA lodged complaint with IEC as municipal staff assist ANC at Rustenburg by-election

By Chris Hattingh (MP), DA Member of Parliament at Mookah Voting Station, Rustenburg:

The Democratic Alliance in Rustenburg today lodged a complaint with the Provincial IEC after a Rustenburg municipality vehicle filled with municipal employees were utilized for the ANC’s by-election campaign today.

The truck and staff delivered food and water bottles with ANC branding, during office hours to an ANC table at today’s by-election.

It is unacceptable and undemocratic for municipal staff and vehicles to be utilized by the ANC for political activities.

It is even more worrying that senior ANC officials were present when this incident happened. The Speaker, three Mayoral Committee Members, the ANC Ward Candidate and four councillors were present and observed this abuse of state resources.

This comes only a few days after the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) had called on political parties to uphold their responsibility to ensure free and fair elections.

Deputy Cooperative Governance Minister Andries Nel says the abuse of state resources won’t be tolerated and said: “We condemn in no uncertain terms any misuse or abuse of state assets.”

It is clear that the ANC is not practicing what they preach and will go to any lengths to win elections.

The DA in Rustenburg will also send written questions to the Speaker Boipelo Marekoa-Godongo and Acting Municipal Manager Victor Makona requesting an urgent investigation into the incident.

Those responsible within the ANC for ordering the food delivery should be held responsible and disciplined.

We will further await the outcome of the IEC complaint.

The DA will take all necessary and lawful steps to safeguard free and fair elections.