DA plan to help businesses create jobs in Bertrams

By Jack Bloom MPL, DA Joburg East Constituency Head:

At a media event today in Frere Road in Bertrams, DA Joburg East Constituency Head Jack Bloom and DA Councillor Victor Penning proposed a plan to assist local businesses in Bertrams to create more jobs.

Bertrams is an old suburb in east Johannesburg near the inner city.

It is a mixed residential and business area, but is in need of law enforcement and upgrading which will assist in creating new jobs (the same applies to neighbouring Lorentzville and Judith’s Paarl).

Many businesses currently provide a variety of jobs in the area, and new owners are renovating properties.

It is an accessible area with much potential. Business clients are put off, however, by the crime and grime.

The following five measures will uplift the suburb and make it a better environment for businesses to create jobs:

  1. Enforce city by-laws to prevent over-crowding, illegal dumping and general deterioration in the area e.g. about 100 people live in three houses in Frere Road which are crammed with backyard shacks.
  2. Provide decent city services to ensure that the area is clean and maintained.
  3. Fix up the persistent billing problems which cause problems for businesses in the area e.g. frequent threats to cut electricity for alleged non-payment.
  4. Effective action by the local police to bring down the high crime level. The Nandos Head Office has 267 employees, and has reported about 10 serious crime incidents since mid-November last year, including assaults, thefts and attacks on cars. The current station commander at Jeppe police station needs to be replaced as he is perpetually absent and ineffectual.
  5. Consultation with a Bertrams Business Forum (to be formed shortly with the assistance of Ward Councillor Carlos da Rocha) in resolving local problems and making the area more business friendly by cutting red tape.

Business wishing to join a Business Forum, which will include Lorentzville and Judith’s Paarl, should contact local businesswoman Julia Ackermann at (083) 4513535 or kunstler@global.co.za

The DA’s plan to help businesses create jobs in Bertrams can be replicated in similar areas throughout Johannesburg, which will happen if the DA wins the local government elections this year.