DA pledges to free and fair Tlokwe elections

By Juanita Terblanche (MP), DA Constituency Head, Tlokwe, Potchefstroom:

The Democratic Alliance in Tlokwe today signed the Independent Electoral Commission’s code of conduct pledge for the upcoming by-elections which will be held on 24 February 2016.

The pledge underlines that political parties will reinforce a culture of tolerance to other participating parties, that they will not intimidate voters or candidates and will not provoke any violence.

The pledge also states that they will not reward a person to vote for them nor deface or remove posters of other political parties.

By signing this pledge the DA reinforces its commitment to free and fair elections, where the people choose who governs them without fear or intimidation.

The DA urges all other participating parties in these by-elections to adhere to the code of conduct as set out in the pledge and to ensure that the elections are free and fair.