MEC Kgetjepe witholds AG’s management report to hide the Limpopo department of education’s pitiful performance

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education:

The MEC for Education, Ishmael Kgetjepe is deliberately concealing the Auditor General’s (AG) management report of the Limpopo department of education ahead of the Local Government Elections (LGE 2016).

The Limpopo department of education received its fourth consecutive disclaimer from the AG which affirms the DA’s belief that it needs an overall systemic change which strategically exceeds the Premier’s cosmetic changes of the department MEC’s and officials.

The DA has received reliable information that this management report paints an even bleaker picture than the previous one. The only logical conclusion is that the MEC is attempting to hide the dismal performance by the department by not making the report readily available.

The people of Limpopo have the right to fully appreciate the real reasons for the drop in the matric pass rate, why the  full Norms and Stanards are not being paid out to schools according to the prescribed guidelines, the reasons for the poor state of infrastructure and lack of proper sanitation facilities at some of our schools as well as reasons for the persistent irregularities in the financial management, specifically not following the supply chain management procedures in the awarding of tenders.

It is therefore imperative that MEC Kgetjepe releases the report immediately in compliance with the application submitted in terms of the Promotion to Access to Information Act (PAIA) by the Democratic Alliance in Limpopo on 20 August 2015. Despite the deadline for the application lapsing, the MEC is yet to furnish us with the report.

Holding the MEC and the department to account and to promote  transparency and effective governance is a responsibility which the DA takes seriously.

If the MEC has nothing to hide on the part of the department he must release the report forthwith. Failure to do so will leave the DA no alternative but to seek remedy from the courts.