MEC Matsemela misleads public about schools in Kopela

By Cllr. Piet Miga, DA Tswaing Councillor:

The Democratic Alliance in the North West is concerned with the lack of urgency shown by the Department of Education to fix the dilapidated classrooms of Kopela near Delareyville.

Since September last year residents of Kopela have been protesting against poor service delivery, they have burned down three schools and a clinic that served over six surrounding villages.

Learners have gone back to dilapidated, unsafe classrooms. The buildings are burnt and have damaged ceilings, and government has not intervened in trying to amend this hazardous situation.

Noto High School is the only High School that accommodates learners from the surrounding village. It is extremely overcrowded with only eight classrooms to house 548 learners.

To make matters worse, schools do not have running water and electricity. There are no computers or printers, teachers have no offices and they do not have teaching materials to conduct classes.

These circumstances will have a negative impact on the learners’ morale as their environment is not conducive to learning.

The DA is of the view that the learners’ right to education has been violated, learning should take place in a nurturing and conducive environment.

The MEC for Education Me Wendy Matsemela has publicly said that the situation in Kopela is under control whilst learners are clearly suffering the effects of her department’s ineffectiveness.

The DA once more appeals to MEC Matsemela to keep her promises to the community by starting to deliver mobile classrooms in Kopela.

The DA will also write to the MEC demanding that they provide water tankers to the schools in Kopela so that the learners remain hydrated at all times. Schools should be given basic resources to fully operate.

Where the DA governs we have a good track record of service delivery as issues are dealt with promptly without delay.