Millions paid to suspended Mpumalanga government officials

By James Masango MPL, Leader of the Opposition:

Mpumalanga government departments have spent over R3million of taxpayers’ money to pay salaries of officials who have been placed on precautionary suspension.

This was revealed in reports obtained during the last financial year, indicating that R3 462 769.45 was spent on 39 officials who have been sitting at home enjoying the benefits.

See table below:

Government Department Suspended Officials Cost of Suspension
  1. Health 
19 957 287.89
  1. Social Development
4 694 910.00
  1. Public works, Roads, Transport
6 540 405.53
  1. Community Safety, Security & Liaison
2 505 971.03
  1. Education
5 397 000
  1. COGTA
1 217 000
  1. Economic Development and Tourism
1 84 195
  1. Finance
1 66 000
  1. Agriculture, R/d, Land and E/a
0 0
  1. Culture, Sport, Recreation
0 0
  1. Human Settlements
0 0
  1. Office of the Premier


0 0
Total of-  12 Departments 39 3 462769. 45

The majority of these officials have been at home for over 60 days and some for over 400 days.

This is in complete violation of the Disciplinary Codes and Procedure for Public Service Policy, which stipulates that a Precautionary Suspension must not exceed 60 days.

This further proves the disregard this government has for law and order as the Policy provides for the transfer of employees who are under investigation to other department pending the outcome of their disciplinary hearings.

This move could have eliminated the unnecessary expenditure.

There is an urgent need for a plan to address wasteful spending on suspensions, which means improving discipline management and ultimately reducing the number of suspensions.

Suspensions not only strain the public purse, but also have a negative impact on service delivery. If posts are not vacated by suspended employees, they cannot be filled. This means that other employees have to shoulder additional responsibilities.

This also hampers the chances of skilled unemployed South Africans to occupy such position. This year, 2016, is our chance as South Africans to take a stand and start bringing the change we need to move forward.