Nearly 80 000 in Tswaing without water

By Carin Visser, DA North West Chairperson:

The DA in North West is deeply concerned that the Human Rights of residents in Tswaing are blatantly being violated with almost 80 000 people in dire need of water in all 15 Wards in Tswaing.

The tankers that should transport water to the four towns, three townships and 27 villages came to an abrupt standstill after the municipality failed to honour the payments of the fuel account.

These communities last received water on 31 December. Despite this extreme heat residents are being left entirely without water, which amounts to a constitutional violation.

Even more alarming is that ever since the bulk water supply stopped, the Administrator Moses Pholo has failed to answer his phone or be available in any way to deal with this crisis.

During the past festive period, electricity problems escalated and chain stores, pharmacies, fast food outlets, supermarkets, butcheries and residents in Tswaing suffered losses due to the unreliable supply of electricity. Currently there are no qualified electricians to work with high voltage electricity in the municipality.

The Minister of Water Affairs Nomvula Mokonyane issued a directive in April last year which is being ignored. Directive 38100 issued by DWA entails that Sedibeng Water was appointed as a joint Water Service Provider with Tswaing Local Municipality.

Implementation of the Directive failed due to political infighting and lack of cooperation.  

Administrator Pholo is recklessly violating the rights of Tswaing residents and he must be swiftly brought to account.