Water crisis in Themba hospital and surrounding areas risks raising unemployment

By James Masango MPL, Spokesperson on CoGTA:

The Mbombela local municipality is yet to find a permanent solution to the water crises that has been experienced in Themba hospital and surrounding areas since 2011.

Once again, patients and staff in the Kabokweni based hospital are forced to do without clean running water because the municipality is still failing to deal with illegal connections, leaks, and failing infrastructure.

According to media reports, patients at the hospital are unable to take baths, and don’t have drinking water, hospital staff are also left without water to clean. Relatives of these patients are left with no choice, but to bring water from their respective homes.

The DA is extremely concerned that since the dawn of democracy, the Mbombela local municipality cannot or do not have the ability to deliver quality essential services. The unhygienic living conditions in the hospital will cause major health risks.

Without water people are being compromised in their ability to work, and risk poor performance and possible job losses.

According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), unemployment in Mpumalanga is standing at 26.2%.

Last week, the DA launched its Jobs Campaign where South Africans are shown how the party plans to create job opportunities by following these five simple steps:

  1. Invest in integrated energy, transport and ICT infrastructure for job creation;
  2. Give more people the education and skills they need to get a job;
  3. Radically reform the labour regime to support job creation;
  4. Provide direct incentives for job creation; and
  5. Create a nation of entrepreneurs by making it easier for South Africans to start and grow their own small businesses.

Figures are showing that millions of South Africans have joined the ranks of the unemployed since the beginning of President Jacob Zuma’s tenure.