Minister Plato takes youth safety outreach and opportunities to Bredasdorp

Media Advisory:

Tomorrow, 19 June 2015, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety, Dan Plato, together with officials from the Department of Community Safety, will engage with the youth, and those working with youth, in Bredasdorp as part of the Safety Outreach engagements.

The Departmental outreach engagements form part of a larger series of outreach events across the province to provide more information and the relevant requirements to communities, non-governmental organisations operating in the community as well as the religious fraternity operating in the area on how to successfully partner with the Department of Community Safety on opportunities available specifically to the youth which can help create a safer community – Better Together.

The various engagements will include sessions on the opportunities available through the:

  • Northlink Bursary partnership;
  • Chrysalis Academy;
  • Youth Safety and Religious Partnership;
  • Neighbourhood Watch; and the
  • Community Policing Forums.

Minister Plato Said: “The Department of Community Safety is going back to Bredasdorp on Friday, not with the intention of providing all the solutions, but to offer opportunities for our youth. We will continue to work with any organisation and community in creating safer environments where people live, work and move about. The outreach has a particular youth focus as we cannot allow a generation of youth to miss out on existing opportunities, both from the public and private sector, which will empower them to improve their own lives and the lives of their families”.

There will be an opportunity for photographs and interviews.

*For background information on the youth focused initiatives, see accompanying document.

Youth Safety and Religious Partnership (YSRP), religious leader’s breakfast

Time: 08:30 – 11:00

Venue: Nelson Mandela Community Hall, Bastiaan Street, Bredasdorp

Northlink Bursary partnership & Chrysalis Academy session

Time: 12:30 – 15:00

Venue: Nelson Mandela Community Hall, Bastiaan Street, Bredasdorp

Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Policing Forum and SAPS meeting

Time: 16:00 – 17:00

Venue: Nelson Mandela Community Hall, Bastiaan Street, Bredasdorp

Safety walkabout with SAPS, NHW and CPF

Time: 17:30 – 20:00

Venue: tbc

Additional information on Youth Programmes1

DA paints Northwest blue on Youth Day

Media Advisory: Youth Day.

DA Leader Joe McGluwa will be attend Youth Day celebrations that take place in Naledi and Ratlou in North West on Tuesday, 16 June.

McGluwa will be the keynote speaker at both events and will share the DA’s vision for the youth of South Africa. These events are some of McGluwa’s first events in his new capacity as leader. He is looking forward to inspire and motivate the younger generation who will lead South Africa one day.

DA Provincial Chairperson, Carin Visser and other office bearers will join McGluwa at both venues.

Youth Day will be celebrated in various areas and Members of Parliament, Members of the North West Provincial Legislature and PEC members will be present.

All media are invited to attend any of the DA Youth Day activities planned for Tuesday, 16 June.

For your convenience we included a full list of events in the province.


Venue                 –             Coleridge Primary school

Time                    –            10:00

Activity                –             Sport – soccer and volleyball

Keynote speech –                Joe Mcgluwa, MP – Provincial Leader

Other                  –              Carin Visser – Provincial Chairperson

                                         Ronald Matlholoa – Deputy Provincial Chairperson

SP Motswenyane – Constituency Head

Louwna Pretorius – Constituency Chairperson


Venue                 –             Madibogo

Time                    –             09:00

Activity               –             Town hall meeting and sports event

Keynote speech –               Joe Mcgluwa, MP – Provincial Leader (Second half of activity)

Carin Visser – Provincial Chairperson     –                Second half of activity

Ronald Matlholoa – Deputy Provincial Chairperson (Second half of activity)

Klaas Melamu – Deputy Provincial Chairperson


Venue                 –             Mafikeng area

Time                    –            Ongoing throughout the week

Activity               –             Visiting cr?ches to deliver clothing and books

Keynote speech –               Lisa Schickerling – Constituency chairperson and ADAC Leader in North West.


Venue                 –             Zinniaville sportsground

Time                    –            11:00

Activity               –             Town hall meeting

Keynote speech –               Herman Groenewald – Constituency Head

Other                  –             Gys Smit – Deputy Provincial Chairperson and Constituency Chairperson

Winston Rabotapi – Constituency head of neighbouring constituency, also included in audience.


Venue                 –             Matlosana Caucus room

Time                    –            10:00

Activity               –             Training

Keynote speech –               Lee-Ann Robinson – Councillor

Other                  –             Petro Nel – Deputy Provincial Leader, tasked with ancillary organisations


Venue                 –             Hartbeespoort

Time                    –            12:00

Visiting creches to deliver books in poor areas.


Venue                 –              Welgevonden sports grounds

Time                    –             10:00

Activity                –             Town hall meeting and sports activity

Keynote              –              Juanita Terblanché, MP – Constituency Head

Other                  –              Combrick Mogwata – Councillor

DA NW: Joe McGluwa’s Youth Day Speech

The following speech was delivered by DA North West Leader, Joe McGluwa, at Naledi and Ratlou, at the DA’s Youth Day commemorations. McGluwa was joined by DA North West Chairperson Carin Visser.

My dear Democrats,

Imagine a place where you can live your dreams. Where you have a job, proper housing and access to fresh water. A place where you can be educated to become whatever you want to be if you work hard. Imagine a place where you can have access to excellent health care and a place where you can walk around safe – without fear and crime.

Young people, this is not only a dream anymore. It can be a reality. YOUR reality.

We have given the ANC 21 years to live up to their promises. Don’t you think it is maybe time you give someone else the opportunity to change your world? For more than two decades the ANC didn’t deliver on their promises. Only the uninformed can still believe their stories after more than 21 years.

The poverty and unemployment in this province is worrying. Do you know that currently 26.4% are unemployed in South-Africa? While our president stays in a mansion –  built and maintained by tax payers money, the young people of this province suffers. You suffer from lack of proper housing and opportunities.

We believe you will also find it shocking that SA ranks 175 out of 190 countries worldwide. Countries like Zimbabwe, Haiti and India have better healthcare to offer their people.  The life expectancy of South Africans is 60 years. That is due to our poor clinic and health care available to all. You deserve better. Your parents and grandparents deserve better. And ultimately one day your children will deserve better.

It is time that you guys stand up and take a stand against your circumstances. It is time that you drive your own destiny and show your unhappiness and discontent. It is time you give the DA a chance.

It is time you empower yourself and get what you deserve. It is time that your Constitutional rights are properly protected.

I believe most of you have access to a radio or television. Only people who were out of touch for years can miss the good reports and feedback the DA gets from wherever we govern.

We are not in the game of enriching ourselves. We are in the game of serving our people. Go and speak to people in Potchefstroom. The people will tell you the difference the DA made in the 7 SEVEN months they governed the city. The proof is in the pudding.

We are proud to say that the young generation of SA wants a better future for all. The proof is where the DA Youth took over the Fort Hare Student Council. People are becoming more and more aware that the DA can change the destiny of people. The DA is the CHANGE this country needs.

And now you probably stand here and think… I am so young. I am only a child. I come from a poor household… I don’t have access to proper education…

The DA wants to tell you – IT IS FINE. Give us the opportunity to be the change you need in your life. The DA loves young people. Do you know Mmusi was born in Soweto? He is a mere 34 years old. AND he is leading the official opposition in SA.

One of the DA’s members of parliament is only 24 years old. How cool is that? These are people who took their destiny into their own hands. They didn’t look for handouts and favours from the ANC. They stood up for themselves. They fight for what rightfully belong to them.

The DA is the fastest growing party in the country. For a food reason. We have success where we govern. We believe in the Constitution and we ensure our actions are aligned with it. We have respect for all and want to empower all. We are not a group of people who want to enrich ourselves and work to the benefit of a few fat cats.

Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on society’s margins, all of us will be impoverished. Let us ensure that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their societies.”
Kofi Annan

AND that is also the vision of the DA. We want to see you shine. We want to empower you to be your best self. Be part of the change.

Thank you

DA delivers footbridge to Nkomazi community on Youth Day

By James Masango MP, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

Yesterday the Democratic Alliance delivered a footbridge to the community of Schoemansdal in Nkomazi municipality, Mpumalanga during Youth Day celebrations.

The bridge will enable children to cross a fast-flowing river, from their homes on one side to the other side where three schools are located.

Previously, residents of Schoemansdal had also struggled to access the local clinic and a cemetery located on either side of the river with many residents complaining that the points of crossing along the river had become crime hotspots, and crossing the river was a risk to life and limb.

This bridge is a living symbol of the DA’s caring presence in this impoverished community. It also amplifies the DA’s ability to deliver necessary services, even where we don’t govern.

The DA believes in a society where all people have the freedom to move around their communities through services delivered fairly and effectively.

The DA’s leader James Masango and deputy leader Sonja Boshoff officially opened the bridge that has granted residents of Schoemansdal freedom of movement.

Click here to view pictures.

In commemoration of Youth Day, the DA also conducted a walkabout in Stentor Trust where we inspected RDP houses that where repaired in an initiative led by DA councillor Mariette Preddy. Some of these RDP houses had roofs that leaked while others had roofs that had not been attached properly. None of the houses has running water or is connected to a sewer system.

The DA also visited Nkomazi’s Ward 32 where DA councillors and activists had erected water tanks to service the local community because their water supply was sporadic at best.

21 years into democracy people are still living in abject poverty and are struggling to access basic human rights such as water and decent sanitation.

We are proud to have delivered to the people of Schoemansdal, and we will continue to deliver in Mpumalanga until we govern the Province and freedom, fairness and opportunity is realised by all.

Real Fairness, real Freedom and real Opportunities

By Safiyia Stanfley, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Gender, Youth and Persons with Disabilities:

The following extract is from a speech delivered on 16 June 2015 by the Democratic Alliance’s provincial spokesperson on Gender, Youth and Persons with Disabilities, Safiyia Stanfley, during a youth day event in her constituency of De Aar.


I want to talk about solutions for problems in the province and the vision that can ensure that you as the youth will enjoy a better future – the Democratic Alliance’s vision of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity.

Freedom should be more than just a slogan; it should be something that you can use. Freedom means that you live in a safe, caring community where each person has a home, health care and food on the table. We all know of a family without a loaf of bread in the kitchen cupboards today. In a society where one in every five people go to bed hungry, there is no freedom or fairness!

The Democratic Alliance’s vision of Fairness is based on a society where each person has equal access to opportunities. Whether you are born in De Aar or in Johannesburg, it makes no difference. In a fair society, you and your efforts determine your future, not the circumstances of your birth.

A fair society looks at the legacy of apartheid and corrects it.

In a fair society there is a honest government that empowers all its people through education and good job opportunities.

Job opportunities for the youth is scarce. You know the Northern Cape has the highest youth unemployment figure of all the provinces in the country. And I know many of you have been looking for a job for so long that you have given up hope.

The Democratic Alliance’s vision can make a difference. We are already making this difference in the Western Cape, which has the lowest unemployment statistics in the country. If we can manage to make the economy grow in the Western Cape, we can also do it here!

And how will we do it?

Through Opportunities.

The Democratic Alliance believes that the state must create an environment which stimulates the creation of jobs. This environment requires economic growth, reliable electricity and infrastructure, proper support to small businesses, a youth wage subsidy which encourages companies to employ young people without experience and a honest government. Not a government that allows corruption, but one that fights it.

A honest government has no place for a traffic head who issues false licenses for stolen vehicles. A honest government delivers good services for each resident in each town and gives each child a quality education. Quality education and the development of skills helps children to get jobs and to break free from the chains of poverty.

This is wat real Freedom, real Fairness and real Opportunities means.

With the Democratic Alliance’s vision for the future, we can replace poverty with growth, despair with decent jobs and hunger with optimism.

We can achieve this together, because South Africans have always been unstoppable together.

Freedom from unemployment and failed education, fairness in the labour market and equal access to economic opportunities

By Adv Boitumelo Babuseng, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson for Economic Affairs:

The following is an extract from the speech delivered on 15 June 2015 by the hon. Boitumelo Babuseng, the Democratic Allianc’s provincial spokesperson for Economic Affairs, during the Youth Day debate held today in Upington.

Pule Mabe is 35 years of age and is reported to have made himself available for the position of ANCYL president. On the other hand, the Federal Leader of the DA was elected to this position at the age of 34.

In Youth Month, we honour the role played by the youth in the fight for freedom, fairness and opportunity. History has shown that when the South African youth stand together, they are unstoppable. The Democratic Alliance proudly stand by the hard-working youth of our province.

Our youth must enjoy the freedom to pursue careers of their choosing, with fairness in the labour market and the open opportunity for all to develop their skills and talents.

Last month, Statistics South Africa published its report on the 2014 labour market dynamics in South Africa. The statistics from this report shows that our youth are suffering when they should be enjoying freedom, fairness and opportunity.

According to the report, the youth unemployment rate is double that of adults. Since our youth are also more likely to have limited previous work experience, their chances of finding employment is reduced even further. In 2014, more than half of our youth have never had a job – and the longer they remain unemployed, the less and less likely they are to become employed.

At 36%, the Northern Cape has the highest rate in the country of youth who are neither employed nor furthering their studies or training.

Unemployment poses such a challenge that 7% of our youth have become discouraged and are no longer actively seeking employment.

It is the task of government to create an environment that is conducive for economic growth and enables our youth to access jobs.

Access to economic opportunities must not be determined by the circumstances of your birth or your political connectivity or affiliation.

For our youth to enjoy full and fair access to economic opportunities, there has to be skills development, training and education. The Democratic Alliance believes that the Northern Cape will only be a successful province when every child receives a quality education. Our curricula, at school level and beyond, must equip learners and students with the knowledge and competencies that are relevant to the current economy.

But if our children are not getting the right education of the right quality, they will not be equipped to pursue the paths of their choosing. We cannot deny our youth the freedom to determine their own future.

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the first quarter of 2015 shows that the Northern Cape lost another 13 000 jobs. As of March 2015, the province has an expanded employment rate of 43%. Effectively, this statistic means that 57% of the provincial population – including our youth – are not employed, are not developing their skills and have given up on finding that elusive job.

The policies of the Democratic Alliance can and do make a difference to the youth. The largest quarterly employment gains were made in the DA-led Western Cape. The metropolitan municipality and the province with the lowest unemployment figures are governed by the DA. That is what real freedom, real fairness and real opportunity means.

We owe it to the youth of 1976 to give our youth a better future – a future with freedom, fairness and opportunity.

The Democratic Alliance will work towards realising this goal of a province where our youth can be free from unemployment and free from a failed education system, participating fairly in the labour market and enjoying equal access to economic opportunities.

And Democratic Alliance submits that this can be achieved by;

  • Introducing a youth wage subsidy nationally;
  • An opportunity Voucher Scheme wherein eligible young South Africans

can access funding to start a business or further their education or skills development;

  • Vocational Training Programme and Apprenticeship Programme which

will sync development at the workplace with classes offered at Further Education and Training (FET) colleges. Apprentices in the programme would be paid a small salary by the employer, which would be subsidized by a stipend from the relevant education department. This salary will then increase as the person’s skills advance. After three years, the apprentice will have to pass an exam in order to obtain a certificate of qualification.

Unlike the SACP, the DA does not offer simple answers to complex youth questions. In fact, Marxism sheepishly claims that youth subculture is exclusively caused by high youth unemployment.

I offer the following extract from the DA Federal Leader, Mmusi Maimane in his weekly newsletter Bokamoso:

“These are all plans that can be implemented right away- all that is required is the political will to do so. Sadly, the ANC government has demonstrated, time and again, that they do not have this will. The good news however, is that we are heading towards a future where we will be able to implement these plans. Change is coming, and that change is led by the DA. Under a DA-led government, our young people will truly be empowered to take advantage of opportunities. And once this happens, our country will move forward towards a future that is both inclusive and prosperous.”

DA to donate soccer kit to Limpopo youth, and paint youth crèches

Media Advisory:

Tomorrow, 16 June 2015, the DA will donate soccer jerseys, child care equipment to Limpopo crèches to celebrate Youth Day, and will paint the crèche buildings in Elanskraal and Tsantsabela in Ephraim Mogale Municipality

The DA will host two soccer tournaments in Ga Selepe (Fetakgomo Municipality) and Ga Matamanyane in Moletjie (Polokwane Municipality) where four teams will compete.

DA Limpopo Chairperson, Langa Bodlani MPL will address the residents of Ga Selepe about the DA vision 2029 campaign.

The events will be held as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Time: 10:00

Venue: Ga Matamanyane sports ground in Moletjie , ward 15

Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Time: 09:00

Venue: Elanskraal village , Ephraim Mogale Municipality , ward 15

Date: Tuesday

Time: 10:00

Venue: Lefalakgomo High School in Ga Selepe, ward 15 , Fetakgomo Municipality

There will be an opportunity for photographs and interviews.

Maimane commemorates Youth Day in Nelson Mandela Bay

Media Advisory:

Tomorrow, 16 June 2015, DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP, will commemorate Youth Day in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Maimane, alongside NMB Mayoral Candidate, Athol Trollip MPL, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson, Veliswa Mvenya MPL, and DA Youth Chairperson, Yusuf Cassim MP, will mark Youth Day with a rally at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

The DA has registered significant growth in the Eastern Cape, especially among the youth, having won SRC elections at NMMU and the University of Fort Hare.

The Youth Day rally will take place as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Time: 11:00
Venue: Goldfields Auditorium, NMMU North Campus, Admiralty Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

There will be an opportunity for photographs and interviews.

DA Mpumalanga to celebrate youth day in Nkomazi

Media Advisory:

On Tuesday 16 June 2015 the Democratic Alliance Mpumalanga will celebrate Youth Day in Nkomazi.

The event will be led by Provincial Leader, James Masango MP, Provincial Deputy Leader Sonja Boshoff MP, Constituency Leader of Nkomazi Nomsa Mathobela and DA Councillors

Masango will engage the community of Schoemasdal, by conducting a walkabout in Ward 27, 30 and Ward 32, taking the DA’s Vision2029 to people in the community.

Details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Time: 10:30

Venue: Ward 27, Shoemansdal,

There will be opportunities for photographs and interviews.

Gauteng premier’s office prevented from further R6 million GTV blitz

By John Moodey MPL, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader:

After spending R6 million over two years on the non-functional Gauteng TV (GTV) programme the Office of the Premier (OoP) been told to go back to the drawing board and present a revised project before it requests any more funding.

In 2013, the Premier’s office launched the programme aimed at delivering important government messages to the residents of Gauteng by placing TV sets in various provincial government departments.

A research report brought before the Oversight Committee for the Office of the Premier (OCPOL) last month indicated that these TV sets were either not installed or not visible.

The report described the programme as a failure. Despite this, the OoP insisted that with an additional R6 million it would make the programme functional.

From the outset the committee has exercised thorough scrutiny of this project, and as a result, a unanimous decision was reached across party lines that the OoP must, within two months, provide a newly defined programme before any consideration is given to the issuing of public finances.

This is a victory for the work of oversight and the safeguarding of the fiscus.

The OoP must know that it cannot ride roughshod over due process when it is in the mood for a spending spree.

As with this project, the DA will continue to ensure that the legislative framework by which the admiration is bound is adhered to.